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Because we provide fish for sale at the farmer's markets, we operate on a much smaller scale than most grocers which translates to freshness for our customers. Usually, the majority of the fish for sale at any given market was swimming the day before! We like to assure our customers that they needn't worry if they don't get around to eating their fish for a few days — so we will never sell anything that can't sit in a refrigerator for at least two days without still being fresh!

Our products available for sale are constantly changing due to seasonality and sheer luck of the catch! We always try to provide some variety of salmon for sale, even during the winter months. When the season is open, we specialize in Monterey Bay-caught, fresh, WILD KING salmon. In its absence, we are happy to sell wild AK, OR, and WA Salmon and Fresh Steelhead.

We are most proud of the Monterey Bay specialties such as black cod, halibut, and white sea bass. Much of the fish we sell is caught by other local Santa Cruz fishermen, but when making our selection, we take the time to research where the fish was caught and by what method. When you buy from H & H you are not only supporting seafood and ocean sustainability, but also supporting the local endangered fishing community here in the Santa Cruz County.

We sell all of our fish by the pound, and have various sizes to chose from. You can tell us how many pounds you'd like, how many people you'd like to feed, or how much you'd like to spend...and we will do our best to find you the perfect piece!

A regular market selection may include several of the following:

Local Monterey Bay catches:
* California Halibut
* Sablefish (a.k.a. Black Cod or Butter Cod)
* White Seabass
* Sand Dabs
* Soles
* Thresher and Soupfin Shark
* Ling Cod
* Rock Fish
* Dungeness Crab
* Albacore Tuna
* Squid
* Sardines
* Swordfish (CA)

Sustainable Exotic catches:
* Sashimi-grade Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna
* Ono (a.k.a. Wahoo)
* Opah
* Sashimi-grade California Yellowtail (Hamachi)

Sustainable Alaskan catches:
* Salmon (all species)
* Spot prawns
* Halibut

American-caught sustainable catches:
* Gulf prawns
* Scallops

Sustainably-raised Aquaculture:
* Steelhead
* Sturgeon
* Abalone
* Catfish
* Talapia
* Clams
* Oysters

We also have Ahi Kitty Treats (pups often love them too) for your four-legged companions!

Products that can be enjoyed at the market include:
* Sashimi Snack (our Ahi tuna thinly sliced and ready to eat, served with wasabi and soy sauce) .
* Crab Cocktails (our cooked Dungeness crab meat served with a squeeze of lemon and homemade cocktail sauce: these come in 8-ounce and 4-ounce sizes.
* Smoked fish including traditional, cayenne, & cracked pepper wild salmon as well as Omega 3-rich salmon collars .

These fun to eat snacks will provide a healthy protein pick-me-up to get you through your market shopping. They taste delicious and can be enjoyed anywhere!

We are also very happy to fulfill special orders such as whole fish, whole salmon side fillets, and even large orders with advance notice. Just give us a call at 831-461-1576 or send us an email at info@hhfreshfish.com.

Sushi-grade Ahi tuna
Smoked fishes
Wild local salmon
Dungeness crab

Email us at info@hhfreshfish.com or call us at 831-461-1576.
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