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Santa Cruz Fish

a local family fish market

Fish in Cooler

Local Seafood

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Check out our weekly seafood selection (updated every Friday). You can find these delicious products at our main location in the Santa Cruz Harbor or at our 16+ weekly farmers' markets.

Salmon with Olive Oil

People love our seafood!

Just wanted to thank y'all for incredible service, not only in supplying fabulous fish but also in providing useful information and updates. I've learned so much about the fishing business and the fish themselves, not to mention great recipes. Your note yesterday about shortage of bluefin was just the latest example of your always thinking about your customers. I don't know how you do it, but I just wanted to express my gratitude. When I signed up for CSA a year and a half ago, I expected good fish but I've gotten so much more! Thank you!!!!

I'm a newer member that signed up, seeking local, seasonal seafood. I can get easy, popular selections at any store. I've been so happy with my subscription so far, and this week was the highlight! I would have never been confident enough to buy fresh squid and clean them and cook them at home. Thanks to your video, it was so easy and the meal was beyond delicious. I'll never be scared of cooking squid again. It was amazing. Thank you.

Heidi, & Hans! This is the best Swordfish I’ve ever had! Just pulled it off the grill and it tasted so so good! Thank you so much for providing us with such fresh fish! We are truly blessed!

We can't believe we didn't join sooner. Seafood on Tuesday's and Wednesday's has become a family tradition. Thank you!

I joined the CSF in May and have been so satisfied! My boyfriend and I look forward to our order every time! :) Thank you!

This is our first week, but we appreciate the freshness, generous portions, ease of pickup, and friendly staff help! A great experience!

I’d like to reiterate how pleased I am to be part of the H&H fresh fish club, with the quality of the fish and service

Thank you so much for the hard work that you all do to bring us such delicious fresh seafood every week. We always look forward to Tuesday's meal.

Really appreciate the recipes included in the weekly emails. And response time is super quick--just great customer service. Not to mention the quality of the fish--you've ruined supermarket fish for me forever.

We are so grateful you are in our neighborhood! We've been enjoying your fish since 2012...and are looking forward to doing so for the next ten years!

You provide the best seafood possible. Fresh. You communicate clearly what we are getting, how best to cook it. It’s an adventure sometimes. I think cleaning the squid was the most challenging moment. I miss going to the market on Wednesdays. Your employees were always very kind.

Becoming a CSF member was the best decision ever

Fantastic service. Always so ready to adapt to customer needs. No complaints only kudos!

Photo of the Week

Citrus Cedar Salmon Bellies Smoked Strawberries

Wowza! 😍

This is making our mouth water right now! These citrus cedar salmon bellies with smoked strawberries look absolutely to die for! 🤤 Thanks @growfishcook for sharing this.

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Anchovies on ice
Sand Dabs being cooked. Highlight image for IGVT
Jalapeño vinegar being poured on fresh oysters
Whole fresh local rockfish on ice
Salmon Burger next to Salmon Collars and Fillet on ice
Crew member holding fresh Bontio
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Farmers' markets & more

Find us at all of our 16+ weekly locations in the Monterey Bay area and help support our local fishermen. We're probably a neighborhood farmers' market near you!

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