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Black Cod

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Also Know As

Sablefish, Butterfish

Catch Method

Trap, long line


Southern California to Alaska

How to Cook

Bake, broil, steam. Traditionally cooked with Miso

Black Cod is a year-round option that is highly sustainable. It meets target population levels and is at no risk for overfishing. Black Cod can begin to reproduce at 5 years old, and can live to be more than 90 years old! What’s even cooler is that Black Cod isn’t even technically a cod. Rather, it is considered a groundfish with only one other species in its family. 

Black Cod was popularized by a Japanese chef in the 80’s after he served it with a miso marinade. Since then, the recipes for this tasty fish have remained simple yet prized, as the natural buttery flavor stands beautifully on its own. The best part? That butter flavor is provided by a high level of Omega fatty acids--fats that are actually heart healthy. Be sure to try some Black Cod today!

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Black Cod