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Chief Operating OfficerHans Haveman

the santa cruz godfather of fish mongering

Heidi with CSF Cooler and Hans holding fish

Hans is an avid ocean lover who has been fishing our local waters since he was a kid and continues a long family legacy of watermen. Born and raised a Santa Cruz local, his love for fishing naturally led him to the kitchen where he got to train alongside Wolfgang Puck in various restaurants throughout LA. His thorough knowledge of everything seafood and love of the ocean, combined with his kitchen skills and 40 years experience, makes Hans an expert at getting the perfect piece of fish on your plate. 

Hans has done every kind of fishing you can imagine - and all over the globe! What makes him truly unique in this business is that he’s actually got the hands on experience and knows how every fish comes out of the water. No marine biologist college kid turned fish monger here. 🙃 His lifelong knowledge and experience is the real deal.

Hans is in charge of all operations of H&H and the SC Harbor Resident Buyer duties. He procures all selections we offer and handles all maintenance and safety ethics. He also hands-on creates all recipes for our pre-made ready-to-eat specialties. 

Hans fishing off a boat
Hans holding fish on boat
Hans holding fish with fishing pole
Hans holding big fish
Hans holding halibut
Heidi, Hans, and they son and daughter
Young hans holding lobster
You Hans on boat
Hans picking up Salmon
Hans on boat holding two fish
Hans holding Rockfish up to face
Hans at Shucked Raw catering bar
Hans holding halibut
Hans with his son and daughter
Hans holding lobster
Hans holding Salmon fillet
Hans laying next to fish

Hans is a passionate man who loves to share his knowledge and he does so with charm and ease. Hans is called upon often as a guest speaker and teacher at cooking and seafood classes. He’s been a part of Outstanding in the Field Events yearly since their inception and has done countless interviews, TV pilots, and mini series over the years.

He currently sits on the board of the CA Salmon Council, Urban Village Farmers’ Market and Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market Associations. 

In his free time, Hans loves to free-dive, surf, snowboard, antique, travel, explore nature with his kiddos and cook amazing meals with his family. 

He is the OG Santa Cruz fish monger who truly walks the walk and talks the talk. He’s Papa Bear to our crew and beloved by all. 

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