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It’s Springtime & Salmon Season!

May is almost upon us and that means it’s time for local Chinook (King) salmon! Learn more about this species.

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Brine and Dine!

The Pacific is home to some stellar shellfish and here at H&H, we adore the oyster- so much so that we cater oyster bar event

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Keeping Up With The Krabs 

Dungeness crab season typically runs from November through June, and is often a hallmark (and dinner staple) of the holiday s

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How Is Seafood Caught?

Monterey Bay is home to flourishing marine life, working waterfronts, and a coastal community that relies on our marine re...

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The King of the Sea

Living on Monterey Bay has its perks. And oh boy, access to wild, local king salmon is one of them! King salmon is one of...

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California Halibut

California halibut, is a species of flatfish found along the coasts of Mexico up to British Columbia, Canada. Halibut in g...

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Salmon is King

We are pleased to finally bring you 🥁🥁🥁 FRESH LOCAL King Salmon! They call it “King” for a reason. It is the best...

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Just for the Halibut

Not only is it delicious, but California Halibut is very good for you! It is low in saturated fat and sodium and is a very...

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Grilling Whole Salmon

It’s the time of year when we are receiving order after order of whole salmon… If you need some guidance on how to cook...

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California White Sea Bass

Oh California White Seabass, we love it so we even named our son Sebastian (aka Seabass) Cal after it. As Californians, we a

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Love at First Albacore

Well I know I may seem like an odd, overly-sentimental, fish-loving woman sometimes, but I have to say it… local albacore has

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The Littlest Flounder

Sanddab: Even the name sounds cute. Dabs are the typically the smallest flatfish we eat, and there are variants of these litt

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Big Shrimpin'

Bubba puts it best…. there’s a whole lot that can be done with shrimp. At H&H, despite numerous customer requests, we...

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By The Light of The Yellow(tail) Moon

It’s wild. It’s Californian. It evokes thoughts of melodic crooning by piano while being fed delicate pink sashimi slices...

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15 Min Easy Bake King Salmon

We have had such a healthy and thriving King Salmon season this year! The season will continue on until late fall, and if...

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