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Brine and Dine!

The Pacific is home to some stellar shellfish and here at H&H, we adore the oyster- so much so that we cater oyster bar events through Shucked Raw Bar (more on that later). Oysters are mean, clean, lean, refreshing and delightfully celebratory for birthdays, holidays, or making it to the end of the work week.

Depending on the environment they’re grown in, oysters can vary in shape, size and taste. Just like wines are affected by terroir, oysters have their own version too, sometimes referred to as “merroir.” A big differentiation we hear about is between West coast and East coast oysters. 

Generally speaking, oysters from the East coast are briny and salty, small and narrow in shape, and chewy in texture. In contrast, West coast oysters are usually sweeter with a creamy texture, plump and round with fluted edges in shape, and firm in texture. West coast oysters can be said to have a melon or cucumber note to their flavor, and smaller overall than their Eastern counterparts.

Below, we’ll explore some of the staples we offer here at H&H Fresh Fish. 


Kumamotos originate from the Yatsushiro prefecture of Japan and were first shipped to the United States in 1945! Famous for their sweet flesh and light brine, Kumamotos are relatively small, deep-cupped and dare we say it, cute! Some say their meat has a fruity, melon-scented flavor profile too. This variety is loved by beginners and longtime eaters alike.


Miyagi oysters, also known as the Pacific oyster or Japanese oyster, are native to the Pacific coast of Asia. It is now the most commonly grown oyster on the U.S. West coast and a popular variety throughout America, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. Their meat is nutty with mild brine and a crisp flavor. 


From the Atlantic, the Beausoleil oysters’ name means “beautiful sun.” Beausoleils have mild brine and a clean finish. With a crisp yet delicate taste, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the most popular oyster varieties in the country. We source our Beausoleils from Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Malpeques put Prince Edward Island on the map as an oyster producing region. Tender, clean, bright and briny, Malpeques actually won the title of World’s Tastiest Oyster at a Paris exhibition in 1900. To this day, Malpeques are cultivated in deep glacial waters and are a crowd pleaser. We source our Malpeques straight from their home of Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

Blue Point

Originally grown in Blue Point, NY, Blue Point oysters now refer to a variety of oyster that’s grown across New York and Connecticut primarily, as well as Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia. The popular Blue Points are refreshing and smooth with a beautiful balance of sweetness and brine. Some say their aftertaste is almost “sparkling” from their light mineral taste. 


The word “kusshi”' is Japanese for “ultimate” or “best,” and these oysters sure taste like it! Kusshis are mild and clean on the palette with firm, but juicy meat. They’re been likened to Kumamotos, but brinier. Kusshis are grown in the deep waters of British Columbia and so delicious! 

We Cater To All Your Needs!

Wishing you had oysters at your birthday party? Wedding? Or just a casual get-together? H&H’s very own Shucked Raw Bar is here to cater your events! We offer over 15 oyster varieties, sustainably sourced caviar, unique custom pairings for mignonettes, and now Dungeness Crab Feed when the season allows. We also serve Tuna Poke, Ceviche, and Shrimp Cocktail.

We’d love to help make your special days more delicious! Reach out to us via Instagram @HHFreshFishCo/@ShuckedRawBar, email [email protected], or through our website.

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