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H&H CSF Club (Weekly Seafood Delivery) Cooler on ice

Weekly Seafood DeliveryCommunity Supported Fishery

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Delight your friends and family with the freshest seafood, delivered right to your door every Tuesday.
Support LOCAL
By subscribing you’re helping to support  local fishermen AND supporting sustainable fishing practices.
From our Monday Newsletters, trying new fish, and sharing tips and tricks with other members, there's always something exciting happening.

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We have plans for just yourself or the entire family.

One Meal per week

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$12 / Week

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Two Meals per Week

Starting At$23 / Week

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Included with your membership

  • Member Discounts at our main shop
  • Member Discount at our Farmers' Markets
  • Priority Access to New Products
  • Access to our Facebook Group
  • Weekly Emails with Recipes
  • Reusable H&H Cooler
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Our Drop Sites

Enjoy Delicious Sustainable seafood with us

With our Community Support Fishery (CSF) Club, you can get delicious, sustainable seafood delivered to your door every Tuesday or every other week. The most common option for our members though is to pick up at one of our 16  neighborhood drop site and growing, where you can see and chat with other members too.

Our mission is to provide you with the best the ocean has to offer so you can enjoy our products guilt-free, knowing they were caught sustainably and by people who care deeply in maintaining marine life populations.

The online CSF store has great mouthwatering add-ons to go with your seafood as well. From our house-made goodies like Ceviches and Pokes, to local products like The Ginger People Marinades, Olive Oils, Dry Rubs, and much more, you'll be able to find whatever your heart desires.
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Featured Add-Ons

With over 100 add-ons to choose from, it is easy for you find the perfect one. Plus when ordering online with us we'll provide a CSF Club discount!

Oysters - Blue Point

Blue Point Oysters

Spot Prawns - Previously Frozen

Previously Frozen Spot Prawns

Burgers - Tuna

Tuna Burgers

Halibut - Pacific

Pacific Halibut

Oysters - Pacific

Pacific Oysters

Shrimp - Gulf Prawns

Gulf Prawns

Petrale Sole

Petrale Sole

Squid - Italian Salad

Italian Squid Salad

Salmon - King (Fresh-Frozen)

King Salmon (Fresh-Frozen)

Join the Facebook Community

Chat with other Club members, share recipes, feedback, and more.

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Newsletter Archive
Get a sneak peek at what's in store. Check out our Newsletter Archive. Our CSF members receive these Monday Newsletters the day before deliveries.

These newsletters include information about what seafood they'll be receiving for the week, recipes, and add-ons, so everyone can plan their meals accordingly and prepare for #FishTuesday.
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