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Welcome to the Club

Community supported fishery
Why H&H Fresh Fish?
Flexible Scheduling
Skipping weeks or cancelling is super easy & our Monday newsletter makes meal planning fun.

Support Local Fishermen
Subscribers lock in flat rate pricing & help fishermen with assured weekly quotas.

Fun and Exciting
Enjoy the surprise of our chosen featured catch of the week & fun store add-ons.

H&H Cooler Bag
Local Seafood Right to Your Doorstep
Our CSF is a weekly seafood subscription program. Each week (or bi-weekly) members receive a cooler bag of tour featured weekly seafood for pick-up at a designated drop-site or have delivered to their home or office. Members can choose between one or two meals per weekly delivery and can customize their portion for just the right size servings. They can even add fun additions from our online CSF store to any delivery. Subscriptions can be paused / stopped / started at any time. Enrollment is open year round - new members are welcome to join and start at any time. Refer new club members and earn referral rewards!

Members can expect to receive species such as Salmon, Halibut, White Seabass, Black Cod, Ling Cod, Rockfish, Tuna, Flounder, Sand Dabs, Soles, Ono, Opah, Swordfish, Yellowtail Mackerel, Sardines, Squid, Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, & more. Members are welcome to opt out of anything they may need to avoid due to dietary restrictions - we are happy to accommodate!

For additional information on membership or hosting a CSF drop-site please email

See important details and our CSF Policy.

View our price sheet for membership and share options.

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Crew member holding Crab
Steelhead fillet
Hans talking about Crab
Crew member holding Black Cod
Anchovies in hand
CSF Club Cooler
Sustainability First, Locality Second
What this means for our members is that even when the local fishing season gets slow, which it tends to at times, we will still be providing you with hand-selected, personally sourced, sustainable US imports. Of course we will always chose a local fish anytime we can.

Most of our members want more sustainable fish in their diet which is why they join our program - this ensures they still get their weekly seafood with the confidence of knowing H&H has had their hand in choosing the utmost in sustainability.

Because of our 18 year background in farmers’ markets, H&H has established relationships with numerous sources for hook and line caught sustainable seafood that adheres to our high criteria such as Salmon from Alaska, Ono and Yellowfin Tuna from Hawaii, and even the über-sustainable delicious cultivated Steelhead Salmon for example. We also may feature fresh shellfish from the PNW when local fishing is slow.
See Our Past Newsletters
Our CSF newsletters go out–Monday's–the day before deliveries.

These newsletters include information about what seafood you'll be receiving for the week, recipes, add-on, and more.

Want to see past newsletters or get a preview of what's in store?
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