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Who Are We and What Are We Doing Here?

Your Go-To Resource for Sustainable Seafood

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Welcome to the H&H Fresh Fish Co. Brainfood Blog. Here we will share with you our love of everything fish—cooking tips, resources, recipes, even a good story from time to time.

At H&H we love sharing our passion of sustainable seafood and it's many bountiful benefits. Our focus is on re-education of the (general) public's knowledge of seafood. We meet so many people who want to eat more fish and know it would benefit their health but also want to make ecological choices and are simply confused by the info that's out there. Many people throw up their hands and avoid seafood all together.

We are here to help

Whether you're our customer or not - you can come to H&H any time. Hans Haveman's chef experience, decades of commercial fishing, & his lifetime spent living the Life Aquatic combine in a magic way with Heidi Rhodes' ever-researching love of health, fish, & fitness - tying it all together by cooking mindfully (and simply.) Hans holds position on the boards of numerous Famers' Market associations and also works hand-in-hand with the NOAA FishWatch program and other sustainability-minded organizations. He is called upon frequently for speaking engagements and cooking demonstrations. He is a specialist in his field and has the most thorough, well-rounded knowledge of any fish monger extraordinaire.

To our Farmers' Market and CSS (Community Supported Seafood) customers, we are thrilled to be your very own local fish-family and we pride ourselves on bringing the finest sustainable seafood, from our family to yours...

Providing some of the best seafood our beloved Monterey Bay has to offer into your home is our honor. Promoting local fishing and ecological practices is our responsibility.   It is our guarantee that everything we sell is caught/sourced to meet our strict standards of sustainability and is of the utmost in FRESHNESS.

We hope that you’ll find the BB a helpful resource for all things fish.  We will be posting our weekly CSS write-ups here along with frequent posts, pictures, recipes, happenings, etc. so check it often and please feel welcome to share it with non-css members as well.  Also, if you should ever have a question for our resident in-house Fisherman/Chef/Monger/Cool Guy Extraordinaire, (he’d be so freaked out if he knew I was calling him that, but come on…let’s call it like it is – the guy’s a wealth of information) Hans, we welcome you to ask it here. We will get back to any and all questions.

At H&H we understand…it’s not easy trying to choose fresh, good, ocean-minded seafood in an industry with a whole lot of “grey matter.” Deciphering through it all can be frustrating - we want to share with you our passion for sustainable fish ‘cause it’s what we do and it’s what we know. We love learning new things too – so give us what you got/know/heard/love/ate/cooked/caught/whatev– so long as it’s in the name of lovin’ fish then we’re here for ya.

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