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It’s Springtime & Salmon Season!

King Salmon season is almost a week away. Lets' talk about the King of the Sea.

Two Fishermen unloading Local King Salmon off of boat
Crew member holding up King Salmon Collar
Close up photo of King Salmon with peppercorns and parsley

The latest King Salmon updates can be found on our Updates page.

Salmon is one of the most popular types of seafood––and for good reason! Its color resembles a gorgeous sunset. Its taste is distinct yet mild enough to be complementary to numerous flavors. And, its flaky texture and tender meat are delightful and rich without being heavy. Salmon are also a clean protein source full of healthy oils, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to provide myriad health benefits. 

Across North America we have six species of salmon. The Atlantic has only one species of salmon––the Atlantic salmon. Meanwhile, the Pacific is home to five species:

Just off of Santa Cruz in Monterey Bay, we get local Chinook (also known as King salmon). In fact, the Chinook in California are comprised of eight genetically distinct populations. Seven of these are found only in our Golden State!

It’s Salmon Season!

Here at H&H, we’re pretty proud of our local, Monterey Bay seafood species. With May approaching we’ve got one thing on our minds: King salmon! Also known as Chinook, these salmon are anadromous creatures meaning that they’re born in freshwater, spend juvenile and adult years growing and feeding in the ocean, and then return to rivers to spawn and die. The salmon we catch spend most of their lives navigating the ocean waters of Monterey Bay!

Salmon season in Monterey Bay usually runs from May through September. We get landings from local fishermen throughout this period and can’t wait to share these beautiful fish with you. When it’s not our local Chinook season, we source our wild-caught salmon that’s from Alaska and frozen-at-sea (that’s code for “extra fresh when it gets to you!”). 

Try Our Salmon!

Now that we’ve read about how awesome salmon are, come try our local catch at the opening of salmon season! We challenge you to tackle a new recipe or even technique in the kitchen. Cure your own lox for a fun bagel brunch. Explore new flavors in marinades. Throw your salmon on the grill instead of a pan. Go crazy…and then tell us about it @hhfreshfishco. You can also sign up for text alerts when we get salmon to our docks––just text HHFRESHFISH to (984) 205-2382

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