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9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Montclair Farmers' Market

The Montclair Farmers' Market, brought to you by the Urban Village Farmers' Market Association, welcomes you every Sunday between 9 AM and 1 PM. This market is a cornerstone for the community, bringing the rural charm of California’s agriculture right into the heart of Montclair.

It's a place where the crunch of fresh produce and the mingle of friendly locals create a symphony of community spirit. As part of the Urban Village family, the Montclair Farmers' Market is more than just a place to buy food—it's a vibrant gathering spot that strengthens the bond between the agricultural community and urban residents.

When you visit, you're not just shopping; you're participating in a wider mission. You're contributing to the education of families and students, supporting environmental sustainability, and ensuring access to healthful, nutritious food options.

So take a Sunday stroll down to the Montclair Farmers' Market, where every purchase is a seed planted for a healthier community and every interaction is a thread woven into the fabric of local unity. Join your neighbors in celebrating the best of California's bounty, every week, rain or shine.

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