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1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers' Market

Midweek comes alive every Wednesday at the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers' Market, where from 1 PM to 6 PM, the heart of the city pulses with local flavor and communal spirit. This vibrant market is a jewel in the crown of the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets (SCCFM), known for connecting the community with the bounty of the region's agriculture.

The Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers' Market is a true oasis of fresh, organic produce, where the scent of ripe fruits blends with the aromas of artisan baked goods and the ocean's freshest catches. It's a place where you can shake hands with the farmers who nourish the community's roots and the craftspeople who add vibrancy to its culture.

Supporting this market means participating in a cycle of sustainability that benefits not just our bodies but also the local economy and the land we all share. It's where each purchase is an investment in the future—a future that SCCFM has been devoted to safeguarding through their commitment to ecological farming and a robust local food system.

Make your way downtown on Wednesdays to be part of a Santa Cruz tradition, where every item has a story and every purchase supports the rich tapestry of local agriculture and artisanal talent.

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