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9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Clement St Farmers' Market

Sundays in the Bay Area are redefined by the vibrant Clement Street Farmers' Market, open from 9 AM to 2 PM. This market is one of the eight Certified Farmers Markets nurtured by the Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM), a beacon of education and community since 1983.

AIM's enduring mission is to weave together communities, responsible farmers, and producers to support a food system that’s both health-conscious and earth-friendly. Serving over 350 farmers and artisans from 40 counties, AIM is a cornerstone of Bay Area's local food movement.

Beyond offering fresh, local produce, AIM empowers through hands-on learning, virtual education, and specialized programs like mobile markets for those in need, a multi-farm produce box program, and accessibility services like CalFresh/EBT and Market Match. This approach reflects a commitment to inclusivity and sustainability in food sourcing.

The recent pandemic has reinforced the essential role of farmers' markets in providing access to nutritious food for diverse communities. As the world of agriculture continues to evolve, AIM is leading the charge, adapting their markets to fit an ever-changing landscape of environmental, social, and consumer needs.

Dive into the bustling scene at Clement Street Farmers' Market, where each visit supports a thriving, just, and forward-thinking local food ecosystem.

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