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Dungeness Crab Updates 2021

Update: 11/30/2021

We still do not know when Dungeness Crab season will open. The Department of Fish of Wildlife is doing a flyover tomorrow to see the status of whales in the Monterey Bay area. If all goes well and there are no whales in the are, we hope the season will open soon!

Update: 11/17/2021

Commercial Dungeness Crab season is currently delayed due to whales in the Monterey Bay and concerns of entanglement. We don't have an expected open date yet.

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NEW MEET THE CREW! ⚓️✨ Meet Riley 👋🏽 Riley is one of our Crew Leader and has been killing it with us for a little over a year now. He’s responsible for preparing and delivering seafood for our beloved CSF Club members and working the counter at our main shop in the Santa Cruz Harbor. You may have also seen him filling in for some of our farmers' marketeers as well. 💪🏼 When Riley isn’t working for us he’s helping local artist through a music collective called Trend Setter’s Music (@trendsetters_sc) 🎧. They put on monthly shows—West Coast Wednesday—at @motivsc in downtown Santa Cruz 🕺🏼. He also like’s to skateboard and make ceramics as well! 🛹 We so grateful to have him with us and for him to be a part of our dream team. Be sure to give him a wave next time you see him around the shop. 🧡⚓️
APPRECIATION SHOUTOUT to our amigos @hhfreshfishco 💥 Hans, Heidi & Co. have been doing it right for decades — these guys are pioneers of the CSF (community supported seafood) model, and are strong advocates for supporting local fishermen in the process. They connect fishermen to chefs (like Brad @homesoquel pictured here) and provide the Santa Cruz community with seafood of unparalleled quality Every coastal community NEEDS a spot like @hhfreshfishco — as consumers, the more support we show for places like this, the more will pop up! Choosing local means that you are supporting local fishermen, fishmongers, and chefs/restaurants alike. By doing this, we are supporting the overall health of our West Coast communities!
Holiday Oyster Platters are here! 🦪🎉 Our take-out oyster platters are available for pick-up from our SC Harbor location only. We’d appreciate all Thanksgiving orders in by Monday 11/22. Our To-Go Oyster Platters include: 🦪30 Pacific Oysters 🦪Our house-made Mignonette 🦪Fresh Horseradish 🦪Lemons 🍋 🧊Oysters come nestled on a bed of frozen rock salt and given to you on a loaner tray that will need to be returned to us ($25 deposit required.) We will be OPEN on Thanksgiving from 9 AM - 2 PM. We’d love to help make your Thanksgiving special, please reach out to us with any requests! 🦐🐟🦪🦑🐚
We're so grateful to live in an area where the ocean provides for us. 💙 If you haven't seen or heard, Bluefin Tuna are in the Monterey Bay! ⚓️ The Bluefin we have in are caught via Rod and Reel (see our blog for more info on catch methods) meaning there's zero bycatch. This is the most sustainable way to catch Tuna. You can find Bluefin at all our farmers' markets this week and at our main location in the Santa Cruz Harbor. 🪝🌊
Bluefin Tuna burgers on ice

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