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Dungeness Crab Updates 2021

Update: 4/4/2022

Local Dungeness Crab season is coming to a close. The last day to grab your local Crab will be Friday, April 8th.

Update: 12/30/2021

Plenty of live local Dungeness Crab for New Years. $15/lb. Come on down! 🦀 🪣

Update: 12/24/2021 5 PM

Sold out of Dungeness Crab.

A huge warm THANK YOU to all our wonderful customers who stood in line today for Crab and other items.

Happy Holidays!

Update: 12/23/2021 6 PM

We got more Dungeness Crab! Phew!

It’s live and pinching but we can live clean it for you if you like, no cooked Crab.

Due to an increase in cost to suppliers that saved the day and brought in more stock for us, the price has gone up to $15/lb.

We have a full team on deck tomorrow and hope to get all customers checked out as quick as possible. We look forward to helping you!
9-2pm ☔️ If you have a pre-paid order (non-crab,) skip the line and look for the order pick-up window. Thanks!

Update: 12/23/2021 3 PM

Unfortunately (due to stormy weather that prohibited boats going out today,) we are getting low on our Live Dungeness Crab supply. We expect to have more in tomorrow morning!

We really hope to help everyone who wanted it.

We are still open today until 5pm for any customers that may want to come by today.

We will update this site when we run out and are doing everything we can to source more - live or cooked. 🤞🏽

Stay tuned!

Update: 12/22/2021

Still Sittin’ pretty on LIVE Dungeness Crab supply. (No cooked.)

We don’t foresee running out of stock before 12/25 but never can guarantee.

A few boats are out today but it looks like this is the last day this week they’ll be able to.

You can always get them a day or two early if that’s helpful - bring a cooler and a rag beach towel. We can soak the towel in the crab water and put it on them in the cooler. This will keep them alive for 1-2 days.

We expect 12/24 to be a very busy day.

We look forward to helping everyone get the holiday Crab they’d like! Cheers.

Update: 12/20/2021

The local Monterey Bay Dungeness season is upon us and the Crab are nice and big! We are currently only selling them first come, first serve for $14/lb. Although we are not taking special orders for Crab, we are doing everything in our power to keep them in stock and make sure everyone gets what they want. We have them live and can live-clean them for you for $0.50 per piece.

The weather has been a bit "iffy" and the catches have not been particularly plentiful. Crab fishermen are working really hard right now and so much is up in the air - this is why we cannot guarantee anything. Depth restrictions due to whales just got lifted, so hopefully in the next couple of days that will help fishermen get more in their pots.

We will be open on 12/24 from 9 AM -2 PM and closed on 12/25. Please bring a bucket if you have one and come on down! We will update this page if we are close to running out or out so feel free to check back often!

Update: 12/14/2021

Local Dungeness Crab season is almost here! 🦀 Fishermen are allowed to drop Crab pots today for presoak. We hope to have them around the 16th. Due to the weather though, it could be later.

As always, Crab is sold first come, first serve. Because it is a live product, we cannot guarantee that we will have Crab for Christmas yet—rest assured though we are definitely crossing our fingers and preparing for it!

We'll let you know when they come in at our docks. Sign up for our text alerts! Text hhfreshfish to (984) 205-2382

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Update: 12/6/2021

We have live Dungeness Crab (from Fort Bragg) available at our main location in the heart of the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Update: 11/30/2021

We still do not know when Dungeness Crab season will open. The Department of Fish of Wildlife is doing a flyover tomorrow to see the status of whales in the Monterey Bay area. If all goes well and there are no whales in the are, we hope the season will open soon!

Update: 11/17/2021

Commercial Dungeness Crab season is currently delayed due to whales in the Monterey Bay and concerns of entanglement. We don't have an expected open date yet.

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