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Two Abalone Steaks in packaging
person hold Two Abalone Steaks in packaging
Two Abalone Steaks in packaging
Two Abalone Steaks in packaging
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Previously Frozen Abalone Steaks

Abalone Steaks

Locally sourced from
Our hardworking fishermen


Harbor Shop Only

Farmers' Markets Only

Limited SUpply

Hans' Favorite

Heidi's Favorite

Red Abalone

haliotis rufescens

Abalone Steaks are well-known for their rich, buttery flavor and tender texture, which make them an irresistible treat for seafood enthusiasts. 👨‍🍳

Whether you're an avid seafood lover or simply looking for a unique taste experience, Abalone Steaks are sure to satisfy. They can be grilled, pan-seared, or even used as a sushi topping. Additionally, they are packed with healthy nutrients like protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids, making them a delicious and healthy option for any meal. 🍣🍴🥗

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