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Bella Vista Olive Oil bottles in front of buoys
Bottle of Bella Vista Olive Oil - Rosemary Infused
Bottle of Bella Vista Olive Oil - Garlic Infused
Bottle of Bella Vista Olive Oil - Lemon Infused
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Bella Vista

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Olive Oil

Our friends from the farmers' markets! We love their oils and know our customers will too. Their infusions really stand out with such complimentary flavors. They are a staple in our home.

From Bella Vista: We are a (very) small farm in Hollister, CA, producing an Italian, pasture-blended oil. We believe what differentiates our premium oil from others is our harvesting process. Our olives are hand-picked, sorted, and crushed at one of the last stone mills in California, using granite stones brought over from Italy. Our Tuscan varietals, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, and Taggiasca produce a medium-intensity oil that is fruity and buttery, making it an ideal all-around cooking and finishing oil. Typically, we harvest a bit later than most. Earlier harvesting produces a nutrient-dense oil higher in polyphenols (peppery), while a later harvest yields a more mellow flavor. Additionally, we allow our oil to “rest” for several months instead of bottling it immediately for quick sale. We are patient and painstaking. It is both an art and a science to determine exactly when to harvest each year to produce an oil that is buttery but with a peppery finish, an oil high in nutrients but high in flavor, as well.

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