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Mixed assortment of Wise Goat Products
Jar of Wise Goat Kimchi sitting on burlap sack
Jar of Wise Goat Spicy Mustard sitting on burlap sack
Jar of Wise Goat Jalapeno Sauerkraut
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Wise Goat Organics

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Wise Goat is a small food business with the goal of providing really healthy food that tastes really good. They source their ingredients from neighborhood farmers who care about the quality of their crops and preserving precious topsoil. All of Wise Goat ferments are produced in small hand-crafted batches that are made in glass vessels. This ensures a proper fermentation process that provides maximum nutritional benefit while avoiding the possibility of chemicals leaching into the food as often happens with plastic or metal. They focus on sourcing ingredients from local, organic and sustainable farmers. Selection varies with the seasons.

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