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Two whole rockfish greenish/orange color on ice
Two whole rockfish greenish/orange color on ice
Whole Rockfish
Hans (Half-Owner of H&H Fresh Fish) Holding rockfish
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Previously Frozen Rockfish (Whole)

Rockfish (Whole)

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Rock cod

Sebastes alutus

Rockfish come in several different varieties, including Vermillion, Black Gill, Canary, Chilipepper, and more. While some are rarer than others, this fish can be caught year-round thanks to its sustainability. It was declared overfished in 2000, but the population was quickly rebuilt in 15 years. Target population levels were met in 2015, allowing rockfish to be a safe, sustainable choice that is carefully monitored with U.S. regulations.

Rockfish is a gateway fish. From a culinary standpoint, you cannot go wrong with it. It is perfect for tacos, ceviche, fish n chips, stews, the BBQ, and just about anything you can imagine! It has a light, flaky white flesh that is firm in texture. The versatility of this fish is a prize, as even “nonfish eaters'' can find a rockfish dish worth appreciating. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself :).

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