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Local Santa Cruz King Salmon on cutting board with whole pepper corns
Ice being thrown on King Salmon
Local Santa Cruz King Tail Salmon in ice
King Salmon head sticking out of ice slush
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Locally sourced from Our hardworking fishermen


Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Previously Frozen King Salmon

Previously Frozen Previously Frozen King Salmon

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If you’ve heard of seafood, it’s safe to assume that you’ve heard of salmon. King salmon is a fascinating species that are born in freshwater, migrates to saltwater, and then returns to its natal freshwater to spawn and end its days. The beloved salmon season is based upon this migration, typically opening around May and ending in the fall.

Salmon fishing is highly sustainable and studied, making it a safe choice for protein. What does this mean? Each species is closely monitored for population and migration, which actually results in salmon season intermittently opening and closing to protect lower-populated species.

The unique migration pattern of salmon lends a creamy, mild ocean flavor that is high in fats which makes it a great choice for novice to experienced cooks and home chefs alike. Try it on a cedar plank, the grill, or baked, smoked, broiled, seared, or raw. It’s delicious no matter how it’s prepared, and the high omega-3s in it will have your hair and nails shiny and thriving!

Don’t love salmon filets but still want this benefit? Try the bellies with a spicy honey marinade, the collars in homemade stock, or the rib meat in a salmon-burger patty with aromatic spices. With so many options, there is no reason to sit this one out.




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