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Tuna Burgers

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Also Know As

Yellowfin, Bigeye

Catch Method


Pacific ocean

How to Cook

Seared, Raw, Grilled

While Ahi can be caught sustainably, knowing the origin is key. In the U.S., regulations require that the source of imported Ahi be carefully tracked and monitored. This is to avoid purchasing Ahi that has been caught via the Purse Sein method, a method that wreaks havoc on both habitat and population. A method that seafood lovers would love to see go extinct. When domestic, Ahi is under strict regulation to catch in either the long-line or Troll line methods, which limits by-catch and offers no threat upon habitat. When caught domestically, Ahi is sustainable with a stable population.


Ahi can refer to both Yellowfin or Bigeye tuna; delicious, meaty fish that is great raw or lightly seared. Ahi is the perfect addition to salads, sushi, or just any plate in general. So whether you are looking for a quick-to-prepare addition to your meal, or just a healthy, lean protein, Ahi definitely warrants a trip down to the fish house. If you’re feeling stuck on how to prepare that perfect Ahi steak, don’t be afraid to put some Shimmy Shimmy Ya on the I like it raaaaw.

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