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Person holding Live Rock Crab
Person holding Live Rock Crab
Person holding Live Rock Crab in front of face
Close up of Person holding Live Rock Crab
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Previously Frozen Live Rock Crab

Live Rock Crab

Locally sourced from
Our hardworking fishermen

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Hans' Favorite

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Pacific Stone Crab

Get ready to crack open some serious deliciousness with our Rock Crab Claws! These bad boys are the ultimate treat for seafood lovers who like to play with their food. Bursting with flavor, these claws are a crab enthusiast's dream come true. They're as tough as a boulder on the outside but reveal the most succulent and tender meat on the inside, making them a true hidden gem of the sea. Whether you're hosting a seafood feast or just craving a fun and tasty snack, these claws are here to satisfy your cravings. So grab your crab crackers, gather your friends, and get ready for a claw-cracking good time! But be warned: once you start cracking, you won't be able to stop.

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