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Petrale Sole

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Also Know As


Catch Method

Modified Bottom Trawl


Alaska to Baja California

How to Cook

Gently baked or on a nonstick pan

Petrale Sole is caught with the bottom trawl method but is done so with careful modifications to avoid damaging any habitat. This method is most reasonably done on muddy ocean floors where Sole likes to hang out due to its muddy camouflage, away from delicate marine life. Similar in aesthetic to the Halibut, Sole is uniquely small--ranging in size from ½ lb to only 5 lbs!


Sole is a bottom-dwelling, flatfish that even picky Grandma enjoys. Everything about it is delicate from its texture to its smell to its taste. Lightly breaded, pan-seared, or baked with lemon and capers, the sole is a culinary staple for those who want the benefit of seafood without the smell, or fishy taste. Paired with white wine and placed on a doily placemat, grandma will know you considered her delicate senses as you serve her this easy-to-prepare, yet delicious protein.

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Petrale Sole