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Two Chutoro Chunks on ice
Close Up of Chutoro Chunk on ice
Two Chutoro Chunks on ice
Two Chutoro Chunks on ice
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Locally sourced from Our hardworking fishermen

Chutoro Block

Previously Frozen Chutoro Block

Limited SUpply

Available for $30/lb

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Regular Price $30/lb

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Chutoro is the belly area of the tuna along the side of the fish between the akami and the otoro. It is often preferred because it is fatty but not as fatty as otoro.Bluefin tuna are beautiful, large, and powerful swimmers with dark red meat that is rich and buttery. Given its popularity with sushi chefs and restaurants, bluefin tuna have been in the media for overfishing concerns. The bluefin that H&H sources is caught sustainably using the rod and reel method, meaning that fish are caught one by one and with zero bycatch. The catch is minimal and supports local California fishermen. Enjoy this specialty, guilt-free!




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