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Live Dungeness Crab on top of each other
Heidi (Half owner of H&H Fresh Fish) holding Dungeness Crab next to her head
Live Dungeness Crab in water
Customer holding bin of Live Dungeness Crab
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Locally sourced from Our hardworking fishermen

Metacarcinus magister

Previously Frozen Dungeness Crab

Previously Frozen Previously Frozen Dungeness Crab

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Dungeness Crab Season Updates

Fun fact! This crab is named after the town of Dungeness, Washington, where it’s a prized shellfish. Dungeness crab is one of the most valuable fisheries on the West coast and also the most abundant crab in California. Its meat is tender and juicy with a sweet, mild taste. It’s honestly superb on its own, but you can also kick it up a notch with some lemon, herbs, and butter, or make your own crab cakes at home!




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