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Crew member holding fresh local Lingcod
Ling Cod on cutting board with mouth open
Crew member holding Ling Cod
Hans (half owner of H&H Fresh Fish) cutting fresh local Ling Cod
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Previously Frozen Lingcod


Locally sourced from
Our hardworking fishermen


Harbor Shop Only

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Limited SUpply

Hans' Favorite

Heidi's Favorite

Blue Cod, Green cod, Buffalo cod

Ophiodon elongatus

Often nicknamed "Buckethead" (and no, it's not because they've been listening to too much guitar music 🎸), Lingcod boasts a grand noggin and a mouthful of pearly-sharp chompers.

Lingcod stands apart with its unique attribute: its mesmerizing shade of blue meat. This captivating hue is a natural phenomenon due to a pigment called biliverdin which can be found in the blood of some fish. While the raw Lingcod has this gorgeous blue hue, the moment it hits the pan or the grill, the blue hue vanishes, giving way to a pristine white delicacy. It's a transformation that adds a touch of wonder to your dining experience.

Toss it on the grill, pop it in the oven, or give it a little sizzle in the pan, and voilà! Lingcod has a delightful, flaky bite every time.

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