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Pacific Halibut

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Also Know As

Flounder, Hirame

Catch Method


Southern California to Washington State

How to Cook

Broil, Saute, Steam, Poach. Keep moist

This bottom-dwelling fish is caught year-round due to its steady population rates and high sustainability. Most often caught in the hook-and-line method, aka trolling lines, there is no concern for by-catch, leaving the Halibut to be the prize catch for commercial fishermen using long troll lines or sport fishermen exploring more shallow waters. No by-catch is a code for sustainability in terms of the ocean--the line method disturbs very little of the habitat under the water.


Halibut is a light-flavor white fish that is best served poached, steamed, or sauteed. It takes on whatever flavor is added to it and is great for tacos, soups, or phyllo wraps. Halibut is also low-fat, and high protein, and is, therefore, a great protein to try for dinner tonight. And don’t worry, we support your Dad-jokes: Try some Halibut just for the hall-i-but!

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Pacific Halibut