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Also Know As


Catch Method

Longline, Gillnet



How to Cook

Grill or Bake

Swordfish are predator fish with special muscles in their eyes to allow for deep-water hunting. This predator is caught either by the low-risk Longline method or by carefully monitored gillnets. If caught via gillnet, the gillnet must have large enough meshing that allows immature fish to escape. This monitoring is unique to the U.S., making origin an important aspect to consider when purchasing a Swordfish steak. If you love Swordfish, make sure it hails from U.S. waters.


Swordfish is very steaklike, and can handle a multitude of marinades, but tastes amazing with minimal effort. Teriyaki, Miso, or just simple salt and pepper, this is a fish that is meant to shine. Hearty enough for the grill or broiler, Swordfish will have you questioning if you just enjoyed the surf or the turf. 

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